Major Titles won by Pete Harsh in The Wal*Mart FLW Walleye Tour, The Wal*Mart RCL Walleye Tour and The In-Fisherman Professional Walleye Trail: 


  • 2008 FLW Walleye Tour “Angler Of The Year”
  • 2007 FLW North Dakota Walleye Tour Champion
  • 2007 Wal*Mart 8th Annual Bay De Noc, MI, Walleye Classic – Champion
  • 2006 PWT Michigan Super Pro Champion
  • 2002 Ranger Boats Ranger Cup “Angler of the Year”
  • 2001 PWT North East Pro/Am Champion
  • 1999 PWT Central Pro/Am Champion
  • 1998 PWT Midwest Pro/Am Champion
  • 1993 PWT “Rookie Of The Year” A PWT all time record.
  • Other FLW, RCL or PWT Career Top Finishes:
  • 2008 Ranger Cup “Angler Of The Year“, second place
  • 2006 FLW Walleye Tour, Devils Lake, ND. Second place.
  • 2005 Ranger Cup “Angler of the Year“. Second place.
  • 2004 Ranger Cup “Angler of the Year“. Third place.
  • 2003 In-Fisherman Mid West Pro/Am. Lake of the Woods, Baudette, Mn. Second Place
  • 2002 Wal*Mart RCL Walleye Circuit “Angler of the Year“. Second place.
  • 2002 Wal*Mart RCL Walleye Circuit, Lake Sharpe, Pierre, SD. Second place.
  • 2002 Wal*Mart RCL Walleye Circuit, Lake Winnebago, Osh Kosh, WI. Second Place.
  • 2001 PWT “Angler of the Year“. Second place.
  • 2000 PWT “Top Gun” Award. Second place.
  • Record holder for the most Big Fish awards on the PWT!
  • Minnesota State Walleye Championship Winner

Note: Additional 1st to 20 place finishes and awards on the above named circuits and elsewhere which are too numerous to list.  Over $800,000.00 total accumulated winnings in Walleye Tournament competition through out the United States of America.   


  • Tied for 1st place in the overall voting.
  • Voted – The #1 Live Bait Angler for Walleyes.
  • Voted – The #1 Angler for Boat Control Skills.
  • Voted – The #2 Angler other pros would like to fish with the most.
  • Voted – The #3 Angler for Versatility Skills in Walleye fishing.
  • Voted – The #8 Angler for Jigging Skills.
  • Described as “One of the most successful Walleye anglers to ever to wet a line”.  

2007 FLW Walleye Tour Video. June, 2007 Devils lake, ND FLW Walleye Tour Tournament which was won by Pete Harsh. 

Described as “The Reining King of Boat Control on the Professional Walleye Trail” by In-Fisherman. September 2001 video, St. Marys River tournament. Which Pete also won. 

A fulltime Promotional Walleye Angler, Pete lives and breathes walleye fishing and promotions 24/7/365 days a year. Dedicated to his sport he has worked hard to promote Walleye Angling at all levels. A former National Sales Manager of a major boat company, he brings a wealth of knowledge to his sponsors pertaining to the sales, marketing, promotions and development of walleye fishing and boating products. 

 Pete Harsh has had 13 wins and numerous top ten and top twenty finishes in Walleye Tournament competition across the Northern Tier of the United States. Including the states of, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota , Michigan, Montana, New York, North Dakota , Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin. 



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